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in love with a dork and his lover forever. crying over my ot5, ot12 and ot7 perfection. i make crappy edits for everyone to hate.
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Anonymous: "Hello! Can I ask a little help? ^.^ When you're editing 2-4 pictures to make it like a collage when you post it in tumblr, of course those dif. pictures arent the same 'quality', how do you edit it to make those pics have the same effects,quality etc. psds doesnt help to me at all, it makes more different :| I wish you can answer this because I love your edits so much !"

I’m not exactly sure if you mean a photoset or photos put together to make one. But I still would edit the same way when I edit with more than one photo. I’ll make a short tutorial for you. Just know that I’m the worst at explaining.

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Guys, years and years of training- for this. We take a lot of criticism as a fandom and as the group, and I’m so proud of them and us. The Showcase, no matter how laggy, was amazing, and they put their soul and heart into it, and our an hour and half dedication and reliance on a laggy stream- we’re an amazing fandom.

We are one! Let’s all welcome the Overdose era, another chapter in the story of EXO.

lu han’s birthday countdown | d-6


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Baek Overdose teaser colouring requested by anon

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Xiuhan’s exercise

for luhars

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